An incredible weekend watching and listening to April General Conference. When I have more time I want to do an outline of some of the most impressive things I saw and heard, but tonight I just want to express my gratitude for belonging to a church run by revelation. Revelation was so evident in the talks we heard and is so evident in all the amazing things our church is involved in. I am always awed by the way the church leadership is on top of all the needs of the members and addresses them in such remarkable ways. Of course, I know why. They (the church leadership) are tutored constantly by Jesus Christ, whose church this is, and he knows us all, and knows all things.
   I am also grateful for the spirit I felt so strongly I almost couldn't breathe! and for how the spirit brought to my attention the things I need to change or add to my life. Now, I need to pray for the spirit to help me to do the things I know I need to do and be.

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