Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

     Having a chronic illness is the most difficult part of my life. There is no ONE medical or CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) treatment or physician or health-care provider that will bring relief from the many symptoms I experience as part of my fibromyalgia, allergies, and arthritis chronic diseases. It has taken a great deal of my time and energy over the past ten or 15 years trying to find all the pieces to the puzzle of diagnosis, treatment and self-care. I have explored and experimented with many pieces of the puzzle: diet, exercise, supplements, chiropractic, massage therapy, stress reduction, EFT,  Healing Code etc. etc. and have therefore been able to keep my diseases under control to the point I have remained basically functional most of the time, albeit in pain a great deal of the time.
     However, as I grow older it becomes harder and harder to put all the puzzle pieces together, and I am experiencing more difficulty coping with my pain and other symptoms. I won't bore myself or anyone else with all the details, but my energy levels make it difficult to continue DOING all the things I know to do.
     Prayer and fasting help me know what piece of the puzzle I need to put in place next, and right now it seems that getting to the foot doctor and wearing orthodics is the thing I need to concentrate on. I'm grateful to have found this out. I somehow am led to the right things at the right time, and I know that is not accidental. What an amazing resource is prayer. 

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