Bedtime comes too soon

    It is time for bed, but still so many things I wanted to do tonight! I really want to write this blog, I need to catch up my journal, I wanted to read an article or two, I have computer research I wanted to do about my arthritis and fibromyalgia because I found some cool new websites etc. etc.
    I find it humorous that even at my age when I should be footloose and carefree because my children are long gone, I am not working outside the home,(well I have to qualify that since we do have a missionary assignment two days a week at the Employment Center), but I have no great responsibilities, yet I still never have enough time for all the things I want to do!
    My husband tells me -tomorrow is another day! But in order for that to be a good day, I need to get my rest, so it's off to bed now!

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